How it works

What is? is committed to providing you a huge variety of games and extras on most of the platforms where they are available. We offer genuine keys/digital download codes from reputable companies like Steam, Origin and some game codes allow you to directly download from the publisher/game-developer site. Not only that but we also offer sales and discounts on various products which can help you keep your savings in check. We also sell pre-order keys from Origin and Steam.

Benefits of Buying Genuine key/game?

First of all, it’s ethical and you support the developer of the game thus ensuring future games from the same developer and also similar games or sequels to the same game. A great example would be Battlefield or Call of Duty series. Then comes the question of online gameplay. Almost all the games that you want to play online get their key checked and pirated or cracked versions are kicked out from the server. Also the games are not so costly anymore and sometimes you can get a great deal in sales, which is almost the same price which you pay in posh areas at a DVD shop for a Blu-Ray.

Apart from this the benefit of buying from is that we give you keys of providers like Steam, where the game remains in your account for infinity. You can download as many times as you like on your platform, with your account and play while logged in, you get the best support and it’s really nominal price. You can track scores, earn special items, trade them to other community members, and play with your friends. UPlay is another such platform, where scores are tracked and it’s just like a social gaming network. You get points from them while you play the game. You get special weapons and other props which are actually a game-changer.

How to Shop

Go to our Shop page for a full list of games, DLCs, gamecards etc.

You will typically see something like this:

game options


You see two lines. The one with the strikethrough are the older prices, and the one below in white color are new prices. They go in this example from 2000-7500. 2000 PKR being the Standard PC edition in this case while PS3 or XBOX editions are expensive. Then comes the Limited/Deluxe editions which are bit more expensive but they offer valuable goodies. You can always google the difference or call us for an opinion. and We can select the perfect package for you depending on your needs.


Once on the game page, you have 3 options. You have to select these to order the game/product according to your specification.

  1. Platform: You select which platform you want game for, whether it’s PC or Playstation or XBOX
  2. Key: Key is simply the Provider. In the example above, Origin is the only available key. Usually we have steam or publisher key.
  3. Edition: Standard, Limited, Deluxe, Special Premium etc

If you get stuck on something, just press clear selection and select again. After you have selected your desired specifications, the price for that will be displayed.

Keys: We have keys from Steam, Origin, GOG, UPLAY and sometimes there is written “Publisher” like in the case of “Minecraft” which means the key will work on profile on the publisher site. Same goes for World of Warcraft.

Edition: Sometimes games have varying editions, like Bonus, Special, Premium etc. You might be asking, what’s the use? In the above example there is a “Battlefield Premium Edition” which if bought offers following advantages:

Base Game + 5 expansions + Exclusive Personalization options (new camos, dog tags and lots of other options thus making your experience more personal) + Priority Position in Server Queues (If there is a queue you will get in front of the line so as soon as position opens up, you are in the CLUB + 12 Battlepacks (in-game content bundles that you can use in Battlefield 4 which give you an edge that others simply don’t have, thus easing you into the game, and lessening your learning curve.

Checkout and Payment Options?

After you have selected your desired products and you are done with shopping, click on the Cart and proceed to checkout. You will see your total order and you will see a form. Kindly fill it with your info including name, phone number, address and if you want to, you can put your extra notes in “Additional Information”. Then you have to select payment options below and press on “Place Order”.

  1. Direct Bank Transfer
  2. Cash on Delivery
  3. Easy Paisa

Direct Bank Transfer: If you check this and click on Place Order, it will show you account details in which you have to deposit the amount that is in your order. You can do that by going to that bank (any online branch) and filling up deposit slip. Then you have to send us the number.
Make the transfer via ATM or online banking, and send us a scanned/snap copy of your receipt along with transaction ID and your account number which was used in an email to

Cash on Delivery: Select this option if you want your code to be delivered to you via courier and pay the courier Cash on Delivery charges. (Note: We will charge 200 extra for this).

Easy Paisa: You can send the amount to us by using Easy Paisa. Just go to any easy paisa shop and transfer the amount. Let us know by a message the following things:

  1. Transaction Id
  2. Passcode

Still Confused. Give us a call and we can help you with the payment transfer

Can I trust the is a company that is founded on the principle to help clients get genuine games and other such products. If anything was off or scam then it would be quite ironic. Rest assured that you will get your key as soon as payments get verified. You already will have bank details and our phone number to help you with transaction and we will provide you constant support because we are here to Stay.

What If I cannot find my game/product on

Don’t worry if something is missing here, you can always let us know via call or email and we will get that for you at a nominal price.

What kind of Help can I expect from

We will help you with transaction if you need any, and provide support till the time the key is activated. Once key is activated on the site, like Steam or Origin etc, we will no longer be responsible what you do with the game and for what purpose you use it.

We will keep you posted on upcoming games and let you know early access ones as well as Open Betas. We will also keep you informed about upcoming sales.

Once we have you as verified customer you will get more updates and lesser prices from time to time.

Keys Activation

How do I activate a key?

It’s mostly similar for every site. They always have key activate or redeem code option. Below are some of the ways which will get you through most of the sites.

GOG: Open up your profile and then go to “” page, read instructions and enter the code and follow.

ORIGIN: You can play some of your favorite EA games here. All you have to do is following:
Step 1: Login to your profile on Origin client
Step 2: Select Origin from Menu navigation and click on “Redeem Product Code”
Step 3: Click Confirm and download the game.
Step 4: Play and Enjoy

PSN Code: It might be supplied in two ways. Either a code or a temporary Playstation account. Mostly we supply code.

If we provide a code

Step 1: Login to your PSN account from your PS3/PS4.
Step 2: Click on “Playstation Network”
Step 3: Click on “Account Management”
Step 4: Click on “Redeem Codes”
Step 5: Enter Code and follow steps. That’s it.

If We provide Temp PSN Account

Step 1: Login with the temp account details from your Playstation
Step 2: Select it as your main account.
Step 3: Select PSN > Enable as Primary account PS4 > Validate
Step 4: Download game. It’s in your download list now
Step 5: After downloading, logout. Log back in with your ORIGINAL account
Step 6: Make this Primary Account now.

Publisher: Sites like Minecraft publisher or (Warcraft games), and other game publishers might have different way of code activation. Don’t worry. We will always assist you.

Rockstar: Create a free account. Login to Rockstar Games Social Club and redeem the game code. You can You need to create a free account (or to login) on the Rockstar Games Social Club to redeem the code by clicking on the lower left corner where it says “Activate GTAV on PC”, and download the game.

Steam: You can get either steam key from us, or get a game delivered directly to your account (if provided username). For key activation on steam.
Step 1: If you haven’t already made a profile at Steam yet, try making it. It’s Free.
Step 2: Download Steam Client
Step 3: Launch the Steam client and login.
Step 4: Select Games menu
Step 5: Select “Activate Product on Steam” from menu, and enter the code. That’s it.
Step 6: Enjoy your game.

UPLAY: Download UPlay Client, Login and click on the COG on top right side. Select “Activate Product” from there and enter the code. You are done.

XBOX Code: It’s really easy to activate codes on XBOX360 and XBOX-ONE.
Just say “XBOX, use a code” and enter code.
Select “Use a Code” from the Games store and enter it.
You can either go to “” and enter your code.
(XBOX ONE) If you also get a QR code from us, you can just move your cellphone screen in front of Kinect and it will read the code.