ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved


Note: This is Early Access.

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ARK Survival Evolved is a game about adapting. There has never been another game like ARK, and gamers will quickly realize this.


ARK Survival Evolved is about your personal journey. Gamers will have the ability to create their own character, and increase their character’s skill-set. ARK is not your average video game, and the story is incredibly complex and in-depth. However, the game starts off by placing the character into a dinosaur infested world. Gamers will eventually learn that ARK Survival Evolved actually takes place in the future. The protagonist of the game has been sent to his sure death, but gamers must find a way to gain revenge against those responsible for the main character’s demise.


ARK Survival Evolved is a groundbreaking video game, and players will start the game with absolutely nothing. It is up to the gamer to find clothes, food, and shelter. However, players must also find a way to co-exist or battle against the dinosaurs that roam the land. To make things even more complicated, ARK Survival Evolved takes place on a live server. This means that players will not only have to fight against dinosaurs, but they will also have to fight against other gamers as well. The gamer starts with nothing, but eventually, players will be able to wield powerful weapons such as assault rifles. Dinosaurs also become tamable, and players will have the ability to ride a T-Rex.

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