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If you are a PC gamer, you know what Counter Strike 1.6 is and how great impact it’s had on PC gaming. It was developed as a mod for Half Life in 1999 by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe. It quickly became one of the most popular First Person shooters of all time.

The game was made for multiplayer matches in mind, although there are computer generated bots you can play with as well, but it is not that fun. There are two teams to choose from: Counter Terrorists and Terrorists. Depending on the team you chose, you will have to rescue hostages, plant bombs, defuse bombs or do vip escort missions. The gameplay is stellar even to this day and the game holds up really well to today’s standards. The weapons are realistic and well designed. Each weapon is different and requires you to learn how to play with it and adjust the way you play depending on your choice. As for the graphics, they still look nice and add a bit of nostalgia. There is a large multiplayer community even after almost 20 years, proving that the game is timeless. The multiplayer can be highly competitive. Furthermore, there is a professional e-sports scene surrounding this game.

In addition, if you have a lower-end PC or just want to get into the world of Counter Strike, 1.6 is a great place to start. is a great and reliable source to download video games and CS 1.6 can be found for a great price. To become a true PC gamer, Counter Strike is one of those games that you just have to play, as it remains fun and competitive to this day.

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