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Dying Light

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Dying Light is an open world zombie survival game that takes place in the Middle East. Gamers will play as Kyle Crane, and it won’t be long before an emotional connection is made with the main character. Kyle Crane is an admirable man, but he does have a dark past. Crane is an accomplished mercenary, but this mission will require him to use all of his skills to survive.

The world of Dying Light is immersive, and gamers will quickly realize that Dying Light is far more than another horror game. The open world setting requires a great deal of exploration, and hidden items and weapons can be found anywhere. Kyle Crane happens to be a parkour expert, and players will have a tremendous amount of fun scaling buildings and jumping over zombies.

Dying light also features a four player co-op mode, and this makes Dying Light one of the best online video games currently available. Seasoned gamers will be amazed at the amount of content that Dying Light contains. The weapon system in the game is also very deep and rewarding. Players will need to create weapons out of scrap materials, but there are also many guns to be found as well.

Dying Light is a horrifying game, but it gets even more intense at night. When the sun goes down, the most vicious zombies come out, and it’s important for Kyle Crane to find shelter. However, some gamers may choose to fight off the undead beasts. Surviving in this terrifying world is hard enough, but Kyle Crane must somehow stop the evil person who is responsible for the zombie plague.

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