Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV)


Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV)

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Grand Theft AWESOME!

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“GTA V” is the fifth entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise of video games. Beyond offering its players the largest city of a playground in the franchise’s history, GTA V is the first game in the franchise to give players the option of swapping between three different protagonists: Michael De Santa is a Caucasian, middle-aged, ex-con and family man; Franklin Clinton is an African-American ex-gang member who works as a repo man; and Trevor Philips is a berserk psychotic “mama’s boy” living in a trailer with his mother. These three men eventually run into each other and agree to pool their talents toward heists and other high-risk, high-reward endeavors in order for Michael to help his family, Franklin to get rich, and for Trevor to make a better life for himself; whether you play in single player mode or online multiplayer.

WHY It’s Awesome

GTA V and its accompanying soundtrack have won 35 awards and over 100 nominations from a variety of websites, magazines, and even traditional venues like the BAFTAs. The most thrilling and unique element of GTA V would have to be its multi-character organized crimes; when done right, you and your friends will feel like unstoppable master criminals.

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