H1Z1 – Early Access


H1Z1 – Early Access

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The Last Man Stands Atop a Pile of Dead Zombies

“H1Z1” is a massively multiplayer online game of survival, crafting, and scrounging for supplies during the outbreak of a zombifying virus. With little to go on, your character is unsure of the infection’s coverage. Your character must manage health, resources, figure out how to build a defensible shelter and trust that other players are willing to assist you, in order to outlast the zombie threat plaguing the country.

H1Z1’s Development Spreads Like an Unrelenting Infection

As befits its nature as a survival game, “H1Z1’s” game map is always active. “H1Z1’s” developers have remarked that they are constantly expanding the map of the game world each week; this extra terrain is then populated with new structures, threats, and valuable caches of ammunition, weaponry, food and crafting materials. This constant development is planned to sprawl as far as a whole state; if not the entirety of the contiguous 48 states. The game’s theme of a constant deluge of zombie threats extends to its approach to loading screens; the transition between “zones” and when entering or exiting a building is seamless, preventing you from enjoying even the slightest chance of a break which other games would necessitate from even the best performing of gaming rigs.

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