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Mad Max


Eat my Dust……

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Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic video game, with a clear focus on exciting vehicular combat, where you take on the role of Mad Max. The majority of the game takes place in your vehicle. The game features a wide array of powerful weapons that Max uses to decimate his opponents. In order to encourage exploration, your vehicle can be upgraded using materials found in the desert, or by gathering the parts of your enemies destroyed vehicles. You also have the ability to customize your weapons and armor. You can access the garage screen throughout the game, to customize your vehicle. sells original cd keys for new video games including Mad Max.

Mad Max’s long journey through the Plains of Silence takes an unanticipated turn when a pack of War Boys runs him off the road and take all of his clothes, supplies, weaponry, and his vehicle before leaving him to die in the desert. On his journey through the wasteland, in search of his prized Interceptor, he meets a hunchbacked mechanic whose name is Chumbucket. After giving Max hope of getting revenge on Scrotus, the two form an improbable partnership and head to the base of the Opus in search of supplies and redemption.

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