Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033 Redux


Remastered Metro 2033 – Play Like it was meant to be played.

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Metro 2033 Redux is the best way to play Metro 2033. Some call it the definitive edition of the original game. Developed by 4A Games in Ukraine, the original game was released for all major platforms in 2010. This enhanced version was built on the latest iteration of the 4A Engine for the next-gen consoles and PC. So why did this version of the game get such high ratings by the critics?

What makes a story-driven, atmospheric, horror game even better? Amazing graphics! This game just looks amazing, as there is so much more to see here. The rain, the thunder and all of the graphical elements further improve the already excellent atmosphere of the original. If you have not played the original, definitely buy this version of the game. The story is set in a nuclear post apocalyptic Russia. You take on a role of Artyom, and battle against mutated creatures and enemy humans. Most of the game is set in the metro, bellow the surface of the Earth. You will need your flashlight, and you will enjoy using it, because the lighting in this game is excellent, and things can get pretty dark.

This is Metro 2033 – the way it was meant to be played. If you are a fan of great horror first person action games, this is to one to get.

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