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Fear the Future!!!

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One of the best new franchises that we have seen in the past five years is definitely Metro. Metro 2033 is the first installment of the franchise. Developed by 4A Games in Ukraine and released for the PC, Xbox and Playstation consoles in 2010.

The story is set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic Russia, a very cold and scary setting. You take on a role of Artyom, the games’ main protagonist. Most of the game is set in the metro, because the world above the ground is contaminated by nuclear waste and populated by not so friendly creatures. As you play, you will encounter many different types of enemies, ranging from humans to scary looking mutant creatures. The gameplay elements are good and the shooting mechanics are precise and fun. There is a good variety of weapons and tools as well. The game also got very good reviews by many critics in the gaming industry. The graphics are great and the atmosphere is incredible. Many times you will be left defenseless, with just the bullet-shaped lighter or night-vision goggles, making the atmosphere even more dramatic.

Do not miss out on the first game of the series. Turn off your lights, increase the volume and get inside the stunningly scary world of Metro 2033.

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