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Unlock your creative soul. Start Building right now!!!

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Gameplay Options for Creative Minds

“Minecraft” is one of the most popular and unique video games in recent history. While some people may have fond memories of playing with building blocks, there is only so much room to build in the real world; “Minecraft” avoids this issue by allowing you to build whatever you want to almost any scale. The game’s “Creative Mode” allows you to construcr your dream project, playing around with the effects of water, redstone circuits, lava, etc.

Gameplay Options for Survivalists

If constructing and building does not really appeal to you, “Minecraft” also affords you more than enough opportunities to explore the random worlds it can spawn you into in the game’s “Survival Mode.” Just make sure that you remember to make yourself some weapons, armor, and do not forget to make yourself some food and shelter before night falls; undead creatures begin to spawn as soon as the sun sets within the game and will eventually incinerate into nothingness once the sun starts to shine again. While you can also mine, be aware that sunlight can’t reach deep depths.

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