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PayDay 2

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Crime Pays Well Enough to Get a Sequel

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“PayDay 2” is the sequel to the 2011 title “PayDay” and, much like its predecessor, you fill one of four different criminal roles. While each character offers his own special features and gear, the character’s goals are what unifies the crew; perform a heist and leave with as much cash and as many surviving crew members as humanly possible. The missions you go on occur within Washington, D.C., but greatly vary in nature; examples including traditional bank vault raids, driving off with expensive “supercars,” hijacking nuclear weapons, handling illegal substances and even infiltrating armored convoys.

Divvy Up the Spoils

Since any successful heist requires multiple individuals to work together, you are given several different options for multiplayer collaboration. A single player can team up with two computer-controlled characters, four friends can play together on-line, or you can even combine the two in the event that you want to run a four character mission but only have one or two other friends available.

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