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Unleash Your Inner RAGE

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Unleash Your Inner RAGE

Brought to you from the makers of the infamously bloody Doom, RAGE continues ID Software’s tradition of murderous mayhem in an all-new setting: after a meteoric apocalypse. In this wasteland you’ll fight to survive against mutants, super soldiers and cannibalistic bandits, with mercy the furthest thing on anyone’s minds. Fortunately, you’ll have all the firepower you need to pull it off, ranging from your trusty pop rocket-spewing shotgun to mobile machine gunning sentries and a boomerang with a penchant for slicing off heads.

Raging with New Tech for a New Age

Although you’ll most likely come for the killing, RAGE has more to offer than just that. Breakneck racing with optional upgrades, minigames ranging from the silly to the lethal and a vast, beautifully broken world powered by the ‘id Tech 5’ engine all give gamers something to come back to besides the bloody action. It’s no longer just a level-by-level affair in RAGE, but an open world you’re free to kill your way through at your own pace. Buying RAGE keys at Keys.pk will give you the best deal for your money – and there’s even a coop mode for gamers who feel like buying more than one.

Never has violence in the wasteland looked so good.

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