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Clash of the Titans

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Big Stompy Robots In Big Action Throwdowns

“Titanfall” is a unique multiplayer FPS title that has players taking on the role of agile pilots equipped with various anti-personnel weaponry and capable of piloting giant mechs, known as “Titans,” for one of two factions: the Militia or the IMC. There are three varieties of Titan. In each 6v6 match, players must wait a predetermined amount of time before one of them can issue an order for a Titan to be deployed. While the waiting time for deployment of a Titan can be reduced by scoring successful kills, the amount of time between sending the order and the suit’s landing is a flat amount of seconds.

Engaging Engagements

While this game offers a story mode for single player and multiplayer gameplay, the meat of Titanfall’s gameplay is its multiplayer. Up to twelve humans can join up in a local network or over an internet connection to duke it out in five different modes and 15 maps: The winners of “Attrition” are the team with the highest kill count; “Pilot Hunter” is a variant that only concerns itself with downed pilots; “Hardpoint Domination” concerns itself with occupying and maintaining territories; “Last Titan Standing” puts everybody in a Titan of their choosing but with no respawn; and the conditions of “Capture the Flag” are made known in its name.

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